Liminal Space

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Anderson, Emilie
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Caring for ourselves as mental health professionals is essential to an ethical practice and the responsibility of the individual, employers as well as the learning institutions that prepare workers. It is important that practical rituals and tools that can be molded to the individual needs are available to professionals. Liminal space naturally occurs within one's workday; however, it can be intentionally carved out each day and a practice that maximizes the benefits of this space can be cultivated. Liminal space can be found in many different contexts and areas of research around the world offering a wealth of knowledge on how to integrate a focus on in our professional lives. For example, the term liminal space can most commonly be found in areas of religion and grief or bereavement work. This paper will explore how liminal space has been understood and utilized. It will review available research and resources that use liminal space even when it is grouped under the term "self-care". In the third chapter, it will provide a resource one could use when beginning their exploration of liminal spaces. Liminal space is something everyone has experienced; this paper focuses on cultivating a practice around it.
liminal space , self-care
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