The Coming Out Process Among Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Individuals from Confucian Cultures

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Hoang, Amanda
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The purpose of this research paper is to explore the lived experience and coming out processes of lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) individuals from Confucian-influenced cultural backgrounds. Specifically, this paper will examine how traditional Confucian family values and cultural norms may affect the process of disclosing one's LGB identity to one's parents. With this knowledge, counsellors may learn how to support these individuals in overcoming the pressures and fears associated with coming out in a Confucian-influenced culture. Additionally, understanding how parents in these cultures respond to coming out and how it impacts the parent-child relationship may be valuable knowledge that will help assist counsellors in navigating these delicate family dynamics. Specific cultural aspects directly influence a child's coming out processes, such as family harmony, filial piety, and gender roles. These cultural aspects also directly influence the parental response to coming out, regardless of how positive or negative these responses may be. Therefore, a prominent conclusion from the research is that whether the parental response is positive or negative, the child's decision to come out and on what terms, and how parents respond to their child's coming out, is strongly embedded in Confucius cultural expectations and values. The implications for counselling are discussed, including how counsellors may work with LGB individuals as well as their parents. Recommendations for future research include exploring the perspectives of the coming out process from individuals who are related to the LGB individuals such as their grandparents and siblings. The study could also expand to include members of the larger LGBTQ2IA+ population.
LGB , LGBTQ , Confucian , gay , coming out process , LGB coming out , coming out