The World of Resilience in Moving Beyond Chronic Homelessness

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McKenzie-Hougestol, Sydney
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Homelessness is a significant issue facing Canada today and causes adversity for those who experience it. How does resilience contribute to an individual's capacity to overcome the experience of chronic homelessness? The objective of this phenomenological research study was to examine how individuals have overcome their experience of chronic homelessness through the phenomenon of resilience to better understand their experiences and to propose recommendations to service providers. This study took place in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. In-depth semi-structured interviews were done with eleven individuals who have overcome chronic homelessness. Interpretive phenomenological analysis was implemented to explore the lived experiences of these individuals and themes emerged around displacement, systemic issues, internal factors of resilience, the transition to housing, social support, and supportive programming and professionals. The findings contribute to the limited literature on resilience in individuals who have experienced chronic homelessness and demonstrate that resilience is a crucial concept to consider in the experience of chronic homelessness and could be a valuable aspect for service providers to focus on in system planning and individual treatment from a strengths-based perspective.
homelessness , resilience , poverty , social support , systemic issues
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