Intentional Physical Activity Breaks and Their Effects on Students' Behavior

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Vizzare, Anna
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Children throughout America are not getting enough physical activity in their day. The Covid-19 pandemic and the safety precautions that come with students returning to school in person have made students even more sedentary in their school day. The lack of physical activity can have many effects on student behavior. This action research study was designed to examine the effect of intentional physical activity breaks on student behavior. The participants of this study were 13 fifth grade students in a private, Catholic school. Baseline data was first gathered on student behavior without any physical activity breaks and then compared to data on student behavior after two intentional physical activity breaks were provided each day for students. The researcher's data analysis showed that giving students two intentional physical activity breaks per day increased student desired behaviors and, therefore, increased the ratio of desired to undesired behaviors in students.
physical activity , action research , student behavior
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