Therapists' Use of Family Positions in the Delivery of Interventions

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Dewar, Shelley
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The notion of clients' worldviews, realities, or positions is useful for therapists in both constructing and delivering therapeutic interventions that are deemed acceptable by the families with whom they work. The purpose of this thesis is to promote better understanding of how therapists assess and utilize the client's worldview or position in the delivery of interventions with individuals, couples, and families. Working with families offers a unique challenge because the therapist must work, often simultaneously, with multiple positions. This thesis constitutes an exploration of how family therapists approach this challenge. Through a review of the relevant family therapy literature, concepts of utilization, client position, realities or worldview, joining and cooperating are explored to clarify how therapists match their interventions appropriately to the family's worldview or position. The author identifies key themes which point to matching interventions with clients' worldviews.
therapeutic interventions , family counseling , world view of clients