Fostering Creativity for Positive Mental Health in Middle and High School Students: A Principal's Role

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White, Eryn
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In the context of evolving employment landscapes driven by technological advancements, this capstone explores the intersection of creativity, mental health, and well-being among middle and high school students. The study examines strategies that principals can adopt to cultivate a creative culture in schools and aims to enhance positive mental health and well-being outcomes. The literature review highlights the need for students to develop creative skills and attitudes to navigate an uncertain future successfully. The research questions focus on identifying challenges and opportunities in fostering creativity, exploring effective strategies for principals, and examining the influences of creative learning environments on student mental health. The significance of the study lies in its potential to positively impact student engagement, educational experiences, and overall well-being. Fostering creativity can result in students developing problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and innovative approaches to challenges, enhancing their adaptability in a rapidly changing world. The study contributes to a better understanding of the interplay among leadership practices, creativity, and student well-being in educational settings. The scope of the study encompasses research on the positive effects of creativity on student mental health, as well as strategies for principals to promote creativity within a context that considers various stakeholders. The findings are expected to provide valuable insights for educators, principals, and policymakers aiming to enhance student creativity, well-being, and preparation for the future.
creativity , mental health , well-being , middle school , high school , students , principals , creative culture , ambiguity intolerance , ambiguity tolerance , psychological contract , future-ready , development , prosocial , positive creativity , self-efficacy , fostering
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