Self-Regulation of Eating: An Autoethnographic Study of Motivation, Restraint and Mental Health

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Moen, Kelly
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Autoethnography, as a research approach, acknowledges and accommodates subjectivity, emotionality, and includes the researcher's perspective and responses to the research. The readers of this autoethnographic text are invited to observe the occurrences of those who battle with self-regulation of eating, body image, motivational approach to food, restraint, and, the impact on one's mental health. The following is a personal approach exploring current research on how organismic and social valuing process inadvertently impacts food decisions and eating behaviour that are made which conduct the successes and derailments of those who have engaged in goal creation to either gain or lose body mass. The following is a set of empirical fiction and narrative performances, which will offer the shared perspectives and responses displayed while studying self regulation of eating. Through a backdrop of a mentoring relationship between a student and professor with a backdrop of peers, the student explores their struggles with self-regulation of eating and wanting to share what they have learned about finding solace in their body and eating behaviour.
restraint eating , dieting , obesity , weight bias , disordered eating , eating disorders , autoethnography