The Journey: Becoming a Therapist

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Kwong, Ophelia
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The purpose of this study was to explore the personal and professional experience of a counselling psychology graduate intern on her journey to becoming a therapist. The aim is to contribute to the sparse research on the complexity and interconnectedness of a therapist's work and her life outside of the therapy room. This study is set upon a backdrop of classic studies and models on therapist development. The participant (author) chronicled her experiences during her 10-month internship through journal writing, photography and art. This material made up the results section and was compiled into a stand-alone book. The results highlighted the themes described by the existing literature on therapist development as well as revealed the idiosyncratic experiences of this therapist. The principle conclusion was that the author experienced a strong desire to connect and relate to other therapists like herself. She hopes that her work will inspire similar introspective documentation of the therapist development journey.
autoethnography , therapist development