Keeping the Dream Alive: Can Positive School Culture be Restored Despite Significant Challenges a School May Face?

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Ingwersen, Carissa
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Rapidly declining student enrollment can be detrimental to a school, without the funding – provided by student membership – schools are unable to provide quality programs further reducing its desirability. The essential question "Can positive school culture be restored in a school despite significant challenges the school faces?" is the guiding light through the study. It was discovered that school improvement occurs when "multiple elements are in place, including strong leadership, safe and stimulating learning climate, strong ethical and trusting relationships, increased teachers' professional capacity for instruction and leadership, student centered instruction, and links to parents and the community." (Kaplan, Owings, William A, 2013) I believe that changing school culture is the key to getting out of the tailspin of declining enrollment and it will take a collaborative effort to bring about positive change. The purpose of this study is to research the links between positive school culture and student enrollment and hopefully provide for my school and others that may share some of the same characteristics a roadmap of how positive school culture with subsequent increased desirability can be attained.