Exploring the Utilization of Counselling Services in Canadian Amateur Hockey

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Jobson, Calen
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This project investigated the unique adverse stressors influenced by (predominantly male) sports culture and specifically the impact on junior, college, and university hockey players in Canada. Some of the general themes that were explored include the perception of mental toughness, attachment adversity, masculinity, mental health literacy outcome, and the potential benefit of a phenomenological approach for future research. The study's results highlighted a need for sport-specific counselling interventions as there is no evidence in the literature of a thorough conceptual framework implemented to support competitive young athletes. Potential solutions are examined, including but not limited to the utility of mindfulness, self-authoring, holotropic breathwork, and biofeedback mechanisms. Research of these techniques may instill optimism, however, clinical trials are necessary to determine which modalities are most effective for young players in their hockey journey or in transitioning to a new vocation.
mental toughness , hockey , masculinity , attachment , hierarchies , sport-specific intervention , mental health literacy
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