The Role of Attachment and Stress in the Intergenerational Transmission of Depression

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Nyamekye, Hameda
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The present paper aims to provide a brief review of literature in the realms of attachment, stress, and intergenerational familial experiences with depressive disorders in order to analyze the correlations among these factors. The bidirectional relationship between depression and insecure attachment styles is explored with an analysis of salient risk and protective factors that influence the development of internalizing difficulties and relationship challenges. The paper discusses recently published literature that has found secure attachment to be one of the single strongest protective factors against the development of depressive symptomatology. Effective treatment interventions for youth, caregivers, and families are reviewed with a discussion of common limitations. The paper concludes by highlighting the need for future research to accentuate the experiences of socially marginalized individuals, and tailoring proactive, holistic interventions for high-risk mothers in order to disrupt maladaptive intergenerational cycles.
attachment , depression , intergenerational , stress , maternal , family , youth , mental health , risk factors , protective factors
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