Embracing Embodiment: A Counsellor's Guide to Self-Discovery and Client Support in Body Image Exploration

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Riley, Lauren
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This capstone paper delves into the intricate dynamics of body image and its profound impact on individuals within the therapeutic context. As a new counsellor navigating the complexities of mental health and therapy, the exploration of body image-related shame and societal biases has emerged as a pivotal area of interest. The research sheds light on the challenges faced by individuals grappling with shame, self-devaluation, and disordered eating behaviors linked to body image issues. Furthermore, the study highlights the importance of selfreflection and self-care for counsellors, particularly in instances where personal triggers arise from shared stories and challenges with clients. The paper emphasizes the significance of addressing one's own issues while supporting clients in their therapeutic journey. By engaging in self-reflection, seeking supervision, and prioritizing mental well-being, counsellors can create a safe and empathetic space for clients to explore their struggles. Through modeling vulnerability, empathy, and self-awareness, counsellors aim to foster a collaborative and non-judgmental environment conducive to healing and self-acceptance.
body image , embodiment , self-reflection , therapeutic relationship
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