Fostering Resilience in Adults with Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

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Wang, Yao Lin
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Resilience is considered one of the main driving forces for adults with adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) to not only bounce back from the results of their traumatic past but also function as the catalyst for them to gain post-traumatic growth. This Capstone sought to delve into the history of resilience research, understand the definition and sources of resilience, learn how resilience can benefit the holistic well-being of adults with ACEs, and how counselling therapists can facilitate effective modalities to foster and enhance resilience in their clients. In the literature review, the focus was primarily on various aspects of resilience and how it interacted with adults with ACEs. In the last part of this Capstone, best practices to help adults with ACEs are recommended to fellow counsellors. Furthermore, this paper examined the obstacles and constraints linked to applying interventions targeting adults with ACEs. Lastly, it suggested the limitations in the current field of research on resilience and proposed some recommendations for further research to refine this specific area of mental health knowledge base.
trait resilience , outcome resilience , process resilience , adults with adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) , trauma , ACEs