The Adolescent from Poland: an Autoethnographic Journey of an Immigrant Experience in Canada

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Niesluchowska, Patrycja
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This thesis explores the experience of a non-English speaking, immigrant adolescent from Poland to Canada. This is a self-study, I the subject and researcher at once. I have chronicled and traced the experience of my own immigration process using the qualitative methodology of autoethnography. The exploration of personal journals, yearbook entries, and reflective analysis have led me on a journey to delve into the loss, isolation, and identity shifts which I experienced as an adolescent. Through the personal experience of the author, this type of research can bring the reader closer to the subculture being studied. While every adolescent who immigrates has their own unique experience, the introspection and evaluation provided by this autoethnography can greatly facilitate an understanding of the process of transition. The experiences and struggles I faced, and the interpretations derived from them, can provide insight for counsellors who work with this subculture and strengthen my own practice as a counsellor. The results of this study were expressed in a personal narrative in Chapter IV. Chapters I through III present respectively an introduction, a review of literature, and the research methodology. Chapter V offers discussion of the findings, recommendations for counsellors working with immigrant adolescents and concluding remarks.
autoethnography , polish immigrants