Addressing Sexual Dysfunction in Therapy With Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Sexual Script Theory

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Smith, Mallory
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This capstone aimed to explore and critically analyze if cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and sexual script theory (SST) can be combined as a therapeutic approach to treating sexual dysfunction. An exploration of both modalities and critical analysis highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of both CBT and SST is conducted in this literature review. The literature review highlights that combining the modalities is likely to be beneficial for both the therapist and the client as the combined modalities counteract the limitations of each independent theory. Together, both CBT and SST complement each other with their strengths, which can support the therapist and client(s) to address both surface and underlying contributions to sexual dysfunction. The combined modality aligns with the College of Alberta Psychologists' (2022) Standards of Practice and the Canadian Psychological Association's (2017) Code of Ethics for Psychologists.
cognitive behavioral therapy , sexual script theory , sensate focus , sexual dysfunction , sex therapy , treatment
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