Sexting, Slut Shaming, and Mental Health in Adolescence

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Young, Claire
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Sexting is a new way adolescents can explore relationships and their sexuality, but it can also lead to slut shaming. Sexting and slut shaming can have negative psychological impacts on adolescents. This capstone seeks to answer the research question: how can mental health workers help youth overcome the negative psychological consequences of sexting and slut shaming? This literature review discovered that adolescents sext and slut shame to confirm their heterosexuality and to gain social status. Sexting and slut shaming reinforces the sexual double standard, sexual violence, and rape culture, and parents and educators are also often part of the problem. It is proposed that sex education be updated to be sex positive and comprehensive for the digital technology that permeates society, in order to reduce psychological distress among adolescents.
sexting , slut shaming , adolescence , sexual double standard , sexual violence , rape culture , patriarchy , anxiety , depression , sex positive , sex education , heteronormativity