The Double-Edged Sword of Duality: An Exploration into the Identity Processes for Asian-white Biracial Individuals and the Impact on Self-Conceptualization

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Franklin, Emily
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Asian-white biracial individuals are one of the fastest-growing racial groups in North America. Biracial individuals have distinct experiences that influence their racial identity, self-appraisal, and subsequently their mental health. Biracial populations have commonly been treated as a homogenous group in psychological literature. It is insufficient to assume that biracial populations are racialized in the same ways, and that self-conceptualization develops similarly. Asian-white biracial individuals face unique identity processes that impact their self-appraisal and mental health. This paper explores the various forms of identity invalidation that Asian-white biracial individuals face and investigates how these invalidation experiences affect self-conceptualization and mental health outcomes. Systemic invalidation, social group membership denial, microaggressions, and identity fluidity are all examined in relation to self-conceptualization. A discussion on cultural humility, multicultural competency, and anti-oppressive approaches in the therapeutic space follows in response to the research themes. This capstone concludes with a proposed resource that builds upon the analysis of the research using a systems and anti-oppressive lens. The resource is a questionnaire for practitioners to utilize in their care for Asian-white biracial clients in therapeutic contexts.
biracial , Asian-white , identity invalidations , multiracial , self-conceptualization , Indexing test (modified 6/22/2023)
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