Childhood Interpersonal Violence: The Effects on Adult Attachment and How Best to Support Victims in Moving Beyond their Violent Experience

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Rowbotham, Kaitlyn
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Child interpersonal violence continues to be a concern affecting a considerable proportion of the population. Without appropriate intervention, it is possible that many of these children will continue to experience challenges later in adulthood. This capstone will attempt to theorize and understand how childhood interpersonal violence is potentially damaging to children's ability to form healthy and meaningful connections with others in adulthood. It will explore how interpersonal violence experienced in childhood connects to different attachment styles exhibited in adulthood, and will examine how harmful social responses to victims of violence exasperate and intensify these adverse effects. Finally, this capstone will offer an alternative approach for responding to victims of violence that fosters human agency, dignity, and fairness, and will explore how positive responses can support victims of violence move through their experience, and accept the interpersonal challenge of developing closeness and belonging with others.
attachment , child , interpersonal violence , response-based practice
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