Effects of Immigration on Chinese Canadian Identity and Mental Health

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Wong, Adeline
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The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between immigration, the ethnic identities of Chinese immigrants to Canada and the development of ethnic identity and mental health. The participant sample consisted of 87 participants, 39 males and 48 females. Participants were asked to complete the Multigroup-Ethnic Identity Measure and the Rosenberg self-esteem measure examining the participant‘s ethnic identity and self-esteem. The results found that there was no statistically significant relationship between participant‘s reported feelings of connection to their ethnicity and levels of self-esteem. These results suggest that although past research has indicated that many studies believe a relationship exists between ethnic identity and self-esteem, individual mental wellness is multi-dimensional and ethnic identity may not be the most influential factor. The findings may be used to create a better understanding of how Chinese Canadians mental health is influenced by immigration in order to create a better supportive environment for future immigrants in Canada.
Chinese immigrants , ethnicity and mental health