The Effects of Immigration on Wellbeing in the Iranian Population

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Sehat, Pareen
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Canada welcomes many immigrant populations from all over the world every year; with the number Iranian immigrants increasing annually. This migration brings about many changes. This thesis proposes that these changes effect wellbeing in the Iranian immigrant population of Canada. Because the factors of wellbeing are so evidently basic and relevant to every culture, the way that wellbeing is defined will also be specific to each culture. One limiting factor was lack of research on this topic, which could be attributed to stigma. This lack of research inhibits the ability of mental health professionals to service this population. However, the review of the literature that was available concluded that the factors that appear to effect wellbeing the most include: differing perspectives regarding the definition and experience of wellbeing, mental health and the stigma that affects this population, and various acculturation factors, such as community and belonging.
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