The Use of Psychoeducation in Supporting Positive Mental Health Outcomes in Varsity Athletes: Emerging Adulthood and the Impacts on Varsity Athlete’s Mental Health

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Dubé, Danielle
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Entering university can be a very stressful time that typically happens at a developmental stage that can be filled with change, instability, and uncertainty. Add the pressures of competing in sport at a high level and you are bound to see levels of burnout and distress. A review of the literature on emerging adulthood, the unique mental health concerns of varsity athletes, and the resources available to them was conducted. Although the aim of this capstone was to build a psychoeducation program, I was identified that psychoeducation and mental health resources are widely available to varsity athletes; however, these resources are vastly underutilized. Upon a closer look, three barriers to help-seeking behaviour were identified. They were lack of time, low mental health literacy, and stigma. With this gained knowledge, I propose a new type of mental health program that addresses each barrier in the hopes of ensuring that the athletes that need support receive it.
varsity athletes , emerging adulthood , stigma , psychoeducation