Making a Case for Comprehensive School Counselling programs in British Columbia

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Emmerson, Mary
Fedrigo, Mara
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Comprehensive school counselling programs (CSCP) have increasingly become the philosophy and practice in school systems across the United States and Canada as they provide an array of services and support for youth to help them succeed academically, socially, and emotionally while maintaining positive mental health. A comprehensive school counselling program is more than simply a method for organizing counselling and guidance in schools. It is a philosophy and practice that places the needs of students at the center of the school environment, involving a holistic, developmental approach to providing services for all children and adolescents and offering support for families and teachers as part of a wider community context. This thesis examines the significance of comprehensive school counselling programs (CSCP) and describes the factors necessary to facilitate the implementation of comprehensive school counselling programs in all schools in British Columbia.
comprehensive school counseling program