South Asian Community and Intimate Partner Violence (IPV): Advocacy for Women, Policy Recommendations, Tools and Strategies for Counsellors in Breaking Down Cultural Beliefs from a Feminist Multicultural Framework

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Grewal, Navreen
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Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) is a global epidemic upheld by social and political structures causing significant mental, physical, and emotional challenges for South Asian women (Nagaswami & Yeung, 2023). As many of these challenges can last short and long-term, the risk of these challenges is greater for marginalized, suppressed South Asian females. Although IPV is the highest in South Asian communities, few people seek help which is a concerning factor. It is important to examine why South Asian Immigrant women do not seek assistance, despite the dangers involved, including injury, death and many mental health issues (Ozturk & Albright, 2019). This capstone aims to examine the role of cultural beliefs, values, and patriarchy that hinder South Asian women from seeking help. Specifically looking at CBT therapy and its effectiveness for IPV, gender-based violence, risk and prevalence factors and providing recommendations for clinicians to work with this population. The hope for this capstone is to have political and community stakeholders review policies and interventions that are set in place for marginalized South Asian women and how to integrate culturally appropriate resources without causing more harm.
South Asian , domestic violence , family violence , intimate partner abuse , interpersonal violence , patriarchy