Therapeutic Soul Searching

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Starling, Brendan Michael
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Personal identity is an important theme that often comes up in therapeutic endeavours, especially in societies that are saturated with free market capitalism and mass media culture. I begin the thesis by describing a foundational ethos that guides my practice as a counsellor. I then describe a process of therapeutic engagement that I call therapeutic soul searching and suggest how it can be applied to working with the theme of personal identity. For this purpose, I outline the ideas that have inspired my views on the craft of counselling. These ideas come from a variety of voices from differing fields, including the practice of counselling, and the world of art and literature. I explain how our modern-day culture industry impacts stories of personal identity. After outlining my foundational beliefs, I then provide an overview of some therapeutic possibilities that have been inspired by the narrative metaphor tradition and spiritual-based therapeutic traditions. I explain why these two therapeutic traditions work well with struggles relating to personal identity. Lastly, I suggest that further research and literature needs to focus on how personal identity differs across Canada's multicultural spectrum.
Title page has date 2016, but author's submission indicates 2017.
personal identity , spirituality and counseling , spiritual-based therapy , foundational ethos , therapy and multiculturalism
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