Do corporate work-life balance programs address the needs of the policing community?

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Small, Steve
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This paper will examine the literature available on the topic of work-life balance. Modern police services are having to adjust to meet the changes of a global economy. The old paramilitary style of autocratic managerial practices has had to change to embrace the modern era of increasing civil liberties. This has led to the introduction of corporately initiated work-life balance programs, such as maternity leave, into the modern police service. This major literature review examines who benefits from work-life balance programs. Are they accessible equally to all employees and do they meet the requirements of a police service? To accomplish this task this paper will examine three research themes: the efficacy of work-life balance programs in the corporate community; private sector work-life balance programs seeking to understand what programs employees desire; and studies conducted into the nature of stress for police officers. The paper will culminate with a discussion of future research to assist police officers in coping with the stress of their working environments.