Using a Mindfulness-based Substance Harm Reduction Program in Schools to Educate Adolescents on Substance Use

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Maitland, Alison
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The experimentation and use of licit and illicit substances among teenagers is common. While experimentation can be inevitable, many are not aware of the effects drugs have on the growing adolescent brain. In particular, using drugs while the brain is still growing inhibits the growth of the pre-frontal cortex. This ultimately reduces the ability to make rational decisions, can limit motivation and social skills for the adolescent. In order to help educate our teens and prevent the damaging effects of drugs a Mindfulness-Based Substance Harm Reduction Program can be implemented into our elementary and secondary schools. A mindful program will help develop the pre-frontal cortex to help with rational decision-making and help the teenager handle stressful situations when it comes to drug use.
drug education