The Impact of Attachment on Grief and Loss Processes Amongst Youth Aging out of the Foster Care System

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Mann, Gursimran
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This Capstone Project aims to provide the reader with an understanding of the barriers and challenges young people experience in foster care. In addition, it brings awareness and education towards the missing gap between youth aging out of care and the lack of specialized support. This paper aims to examine the impact of attachment on the grief and loss processes among youth aging out of the foster care system. This paper examines the current literature on how young people in the foster care system experience the areas of grief, loss, attachment processes and styles of their aging out experience. Also, this paper analyzes the impact and role of foster parents on young people and their development. Thus, a specialized therapeutic program can be implemented by having foster parents play an integral role in supporting foster youth through their aging out experience.
aging out , foster care system , attachment , grief , loss
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