Constructing Groups for Expectant Adolescent Mothers: Considerations and Implications

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Banic, Lucy
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Teen pregnancy presents challenges for both mother and child. Given adequate support and information, teen mothers can improve the overall wellbeing for both themselves and their babies, and well as amplify the positive effects. By creating a psychosocial educational peer support group, expectant teen mothers will be able to connect with those in a similar situation providing an opportunity for learning and growth. With the help of the group facilitators, the expectant teen mothers will be able to address their own needs and concerns in a safe and supportive environment. Focus on the specific concerns facing youth mothers (healthy relationships, goal setting, sexual and emotional health, self-care, parenting, nutrition, and substance use) will help to provide informational, emotional, and tangible support and cover aspects of emotional and physical health, promoting overall wellbeing. Future research should consider specific populations including pregnant aboriginal youth, adolescent fathers, and mothers of adolescent mothers. Clinicians should be aware of the unique needs and challenges faced by teen mothers and make efforts to meet these needs accordingly as helping a teen mother to raise a healthy child thereby helps to create a healthy community.
teen pregnancy , peer support groups for teenage mothers , mutual support groups , teenage expectant mothers