Managing Anxiety and Stress: Yoga, Mindfulness and ACT Strategies and Techniques

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Gallo, Samantha
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Stress and anxiety are two common experiences which can hinder and disrupt individuals lives. The purpose of this paper is to highlight effective psychotherapeutic techniques, such as yoga, mindfulness meditation (MM) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), that enable individuals to reduce the frequency and intensity of the experience of both stress and anxiety. Through investigative research of current data, this paper outlines the use of yoga, mindfulness and ACT on presenting symptoms of stress and anxiety in clients. This paper highlights techniques both in and out of the counseling room that can be utilized and practiced, which aid in the reduction of stress and anxiety symptoms. The research compiled in this paper is significant for counsellors, as well as individuals, as it highlights effective daily techniques and strategies, as well as therapeutic frameworks that are effective for those struggling with anxiety and stress in their daily life. The results of this research concluded that yoga, MM and ACT are all effective ways to treat and reduce the experience of both stress and anxiety.
anxiety , stress , yoga , mindfulness , act
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