Nature-Based Therapy With Canadian Adolescents

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Henry, Lucienne
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Nature-based therapy is a novel therapeutic modality for consideration with adolescent populations. Nature-based therapy is the engagement in intentional therapeutic practices around or in nature, where nature acts as a co-therapist and contributor to a strong therapeutic alliance (Berger, 2006; Harper et al., 2019; Jordan, 2015). Due to high adolescent dropout rates in therapy, often cited by concerns in the therapeutic alliance, nature-based therapy has been concerned as a modality for use with adolescents (O'Keeffe et al., 2018; Robbins et al., 2006; Yasinski et al., 2018). With a focus on nature-based and not wilderness-based therapy, this literature review will explore theory and current adult research applied to the adolescent population. Developmental theories and cultural implications for Indigenous adolescent groups will be highlighted as a benefit of nature-based therapy. Research on the implications of nature-based therapies in related psychological fields will be explored. The challenges of nature-based therapy are also explored. This literature review endeavours to suggest the ethical, safe practice of nature-based therapy with adolescents. Future research directions are highlighted, emphasizing the counselling implications of nature-based therapy with Canadian adolescents.
nature-based therapy , adolescence , anxiety , depression , Indigenous , connection
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