Think global, lead local: A case study on the global leadership knowledge, skills, and abilities implemented in an aerospace organization

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Roberson, Mary
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As the diversity of the workplace changes, organizations will face significant challenges, such as new technology, new leadership requirements, and a rise in competition for top talent. For many organizations, the retirement of Baby Boomers is depleting global knowledge, skills, and abilities experiences of the current leadership. The purpose of this qualitative study was to understand the lessons learned from implementing leadership global knowledge, skills, and abilities (GKSAs) in an aerospace manufacturing company that has been impacted by Baby Boomer retirements. Using a case study design and a single-stage sampling purposive procedure, ten participants were recruited to participate. Research questions were designed to address how global leaders of aerospace organizations describe their experiences with leading a global organization and the strategies used to support the global team. Sources of information for this study were face-to-face, semistructured interviews, organizational documents, and artifacts. Data were analyzed, generating codes and categories that eventually led to the emergence of the four themes of the value of a global mindset, global knowledge, skills, and abilities, effective communication, and global leadership styles. An analysis of these themes resulted in three specific recommendations for action. The recommendations are: (a) implement globalization knowledge at all levels of the organization, (b) create a robust cross leadership rotation at entry-level, and (c) develop a global cultural leadership program. Future researchers could explore how technology could influence how global leadership is developed and presented to the workplace.
global leadership , aerospace manufacturing , culture , teams