Creating an Inclusive Learning Environment for LGBTQIAA+ Individuals

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Simeon Walker-Roberts, Gary
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The OER white paper project Dr. Gary embarked on covered the following topics: LGBTQIAA+ key terms, gender nonconforming brief history, and gender nonconforming issues in online education contributing to attrition rates. The purpose of the educational white paper, with practice materials, is to serve as an educational foundation in present matters facing gender nonconforming LGBTQIAA+ folks and online students. The educational white paper presents best practices for creating an inclusive and encouraging e-learning environment to increase a sense of belonging and inclusivity in this community. Lastly, there is a review of six PRIDE flags that are used to represent critical members of the community.
Dr. Gary Simeon Walker-Roberts, Ph.D. (they/them/theirs), is a proud LGTBQIAA+ scholar and an accomplished award-winning Professor at National University (NU). They began their educational journey at the local community college in California. After earning an Associates of Arts in Arts and Humanities at Los Medanos College, Dr. Gary earned a Bachelor of Arts in Ethnic Studies, Gender and Sexualities at California State University, East Bay (CSUEB). Thereafter, they earned a Master of Arts in English at Arizona State University and obtained a Doctor of Philosophy in Education with a specialization in E-Learning at legacy Northcentral University, now known as National University. Dr. Gary is a Professor in the Global Innovation, Social Emotional Learning, and Education Technology Department of the Sanford College of Education at NU. Dr. Gary enjoys their role as Professor, Dissertation Committee Chair, and Subject Matter Expert where they successfully facilitate doctoral candidates to reach their terminal degrees. Lastly, Dr. Gary is a proud delegate of National University System’s Social Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (S-JEDI) Office where they champion the Inclusive Excellence Framework with a focus on LGTBQIAA+ inclusion and equity at NU.
lgbtqiaa , white paper , retention , SCOE