Student Engagement in the Elementary Classroom

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Martin, Callie
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This study examined the issue of student engagement in the primary classroom. Student disengagement begins as early as 1st Grade. Research specified that student engagement was multi-layered, and depended on student's sense of inclusivity, authenticity, and relationship to self and others within the classroom. These factors fused to support academic achievement. To address student engagement, interventions may include student-centered teaching and learning, dynamic use of technology in the classroom, and frequent opportunities for physical movement throughout the school day. A classroom yoga practice can improve student engagement by cultivating focus, concentration, retention, perseverance, decision making, positive relationships, and better use of class time; skills which can then be applied to academic lessons. Through an analysis of the dilemma and a review of the literature the researcher proposes a daily classroom yoga practice as an intervention strategy to increase student engagement and on-task behaviors in the elementary classroom.
elementary education , student engagement , yoga , kinesthetic learning , covid-19 , pandemic , physical movement , primary classroom , k-8
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