Building Compassionate Classrooms: Designing and Implementing a Professional Development Centered Around Trauma-Informed Care for Elementary Schools

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Eberwein, Kelsey
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Childhood trauma and adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) commonly occur in today's global society and result in personal repercussions that impact a child's success within a classroom environment. Trauma-informed care, an approach that seeks to understand and respect the needs of individuals with trauma-based backgrounds, should be utilized within schools to help students achieve their highest potential within an academic setting. Unfortunately, there is a lack of knowledge on trauma, ACEs and trauma-informed care amongst educators leading to ineffective practices resulting in emotional dysregulation, re-traumatization, and academic failure. Additional training opportunities, such as professional developments, should be routinely offered to provide school staff with knowledge and resources related to supporting children who have experienced a traumatic event. This Capstone provides an overview of trauma, ACEs, and trauma-informed care and outlines a proposed professional development for elementary school staff.
adverse childhood experiences , trauma , trauma-informed care , trauma-informed interventions , trauma-sensitive environment
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