Reverse Bootcamp: An Examination of Transitional Outcomes Veterans Experience Through the National Veterans Services Inc. REBOOT® Transition Program

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Harrell, Chermaine
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There are studies on the impact of veterans transitioning out of the military, but there is an absence of studies on the effectiveness of veteran reintegration programs. The problem was service members were leaving military service without receiving a holistic civilian reintegration process. The purpose of this qualitative research study was to understand perceptions veterans have on the effectiveness of the National Veterans Transition Services Incorporated (NVTSI) known as REBOOT® workshop. In this study, the researcher explored how veterans describe the effectiveness of the REBOOT® workshop. Three themes emerged from conducting the literature review: (a) inadequacies in military transition programs, (b) challenges and barriers from civilians' lack of knowledge of the military transition process, and (c) the impact of combat operation on the of transition process. A qualitative phenomenology research design was used to conduct this study. The study was specific to military veterans associated with the REBOOT® workshop. A purposeful sampling method was used to select the participants. The data collection process consisted of individual video interviews. After completion of the interview process, the data was transcribed, coded, categorized, and analyzed. The major findings from this study are described in relation to the research questions. The themes were as follows: (a) Military Transition Variables, (b) REBOOT® Advantageous Method, (c) Reestablishing Social Norms, and (d) Transition Program Integration. Recommendations for future research include conducting a mixed-methods study of various non-military transition programs to identify if the themes attributed to the perceptions of the effectiveness of the REBOOT® workshop are similar.
transition , reintegration , veterans