Attachment, Regulation and Interpersonal Relationships

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Lam, Nicole
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The highly urbanized and transient world we live in today has caused millions of children to become separated from their parents (Rygaard, 2020). This leaves their physical, emotional, and psychological well-being in the hands of strangers who may not have their best interests in mind. The aim of this capstone is to explore whether or not an individual's attachment style has a significant effect on their relationships in adulthood. Furthermore, I hope to examine how emotional regulation shows up in relationship dynamics for each of the main attachment styles, and how dysregulation affects relationship quality for individuals with insecure attachment. In chapter three, I propose a workshop that provides participants an opportunity to receive psychoeducation about attachment styles and how to find ways to build relationships that benefit their overall wellbeing. It is hoped that this workshop will support those with insecure attachment strategies and knowledge about how to become more secure in themselves and their relationships.
attachment theory , emotional regulation , relationships , internal working models , hypoarousal , hyperarousal , interpersonal relationships
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