The Impact of Toxic Masculinity on Adolescent Male's Self-Disclosure and Help-Seeking Behaviours of Mental Health

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Sorace, Dominique
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This capstone aims to utilize previous literature and research on patriarchy, colonialism, traditional norms and gender role expectations, societal expectations, and the existing school system to explain how they all play a role in being key determiners of whether or not an adolescent male between the ages 12 to 18 with mental health issues will self-disclose and engage in help-seeking. This capstone highlights a current gap within our Canadian education system in educating adolescents about mental health literacy and how the current system fails to reinforce positive masculine behaviours. This paper contributes to counselling psychology as it contributes to shifting views and preconceptions about men and adolescent males and their behaviours. The paper also highlights the importance of mental health professionals developing rapport, creating a safe space, and practicing male-friendly counselling within their practice.
toxic masculinity , mental health , mental health literacy , counselling , stigma , shame , males , adolescent males , adolescents , gender roles , help-seeking
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