Attachment Insecurity as a Contributing Factor to Common Behaviours Seen in Online Dating

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Ling, Jennifer
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Research suggests that online dating is used more commonly among individuals with attachment insecurity compared to their secure counterparts (Blackhart et al., 2014; Chin et al., 2019; Timmermans & Alexopoulos, 2020). Individuals with attachment insecurity, including anxious and avoidant tendencies, struggle with effective communication and are more likely to be divorced or report as single (McNelis & Segrin, 2019). There exists a gap in the literature pertaining to the correlation between attachment insecurity and the above behaviours in modern dating. As such, this capstone will explore these behavioural trends through the lens of attachment theory and aims to answer the research question: "How does insecure attachment contribute to the modern dating trends of breadcrumbing, ghosting, struggling with an abundance of choice, and electronic intrusion?" In addition, this capstone will describe implications and recommendations for counselling psychologists who may encounter clients who are experiencing or contributing to these behaviours.
online dating , ghosting , breadcrumbing , electronic intrusion , attachment theory , anxious attachment , avoidant attachment
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