A New Trail: An Inquiry into the Application of Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy with Trauma Survivors

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Speelman, Cadence
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Research has revealed that exposure to potentially traumatic events may result in devastating long-term consequences for their survivors. Currently, popular therapeutic modalities have demonstrated successful outcomes in treatment. Even so, individuals continue to struggle with the consequences of trauma. Some of these consequences include emotional dysregulation, compromised interpersonal relationships, and narrowed behavioural repertoires. Integration of traditional and experiential approaches in clinical counselling may offer innovative avenues to provide healing. The aim of this capstone is to introduce Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy (EFP) as a complementary therapeutic intervention. However, current empirical research on EFP often lacks rigor. Additionally, although EFP has been examined for its unique contributions to psychotherapy, this approach has not been explored in its congruence and potential for utilization within trauma therapy. Given that no universal protocol for trauma focused EFP practice currently exists, the final chapter of this capstone proposes practical EFP interventions for trauma that may be applied in psychotherapy.
trauma , trauma intervention , equine facilitated psychotherapy , experiential counselling methodologies , animal assisted therapy