Collaborative Peer Group Supervision: Grounded Theory Research Design

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Evans, Heather
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This research project reviews literature regarding collaborative peer group supervision and proposes a model of collaborative peer group supervision that is designed to capitalize on the benefits. Findings in the literature suggest that collaborative peer group supervision supports individual counsellor development and provides counselors with a supportive community which can buffer against stress and burnout. A structured process may be a critical component of successful collaborative peer group supervision. The model suggested in this proposed research project, incorporates the use of a facilitator to keep the group on track in regards to the proposed structure. The fourteen sessions are each structured. Counsellors identify goals at the onset of the group. Case presentations, literature presentations linking theory to practice, video-taped review of client sessions and sessions dedicated to group process are included in the proposed model. Exploratory research using a grounded theory approach is suggested for the proposed research. A description of the proposed methodology is presented as well as anticipated findings. The research question is as follows: can a theory of collaborative peer group supervision be developed that guides the intentional and accountable use of the suggested model?
collaborative peer group supervision , counselor support groups