Couples and Their Response to Cancer: A Literature Review

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Landell, Barbara
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In this project I analyze the results of a literature review on how a couple responds during the time of a cancer diagnosis. Several themes emerged from the research and are presented in the chapters that follow. They are: meaning making; communication; attachment patterns and adjustment; and clinical interventions for couples counselling. Also included is a description of two clinical interventions for working with couples that are facing the challenge of a cancer and/or palliative diagnosis. The purpose of this project is to provide those working in palliative care and cancer clinic settings with an overview of research findings from the literature that can be used to inform their counselling practice for patients and their partners. It is noted that there is an absence of literature in the area of how a couple responds following the diagnosis of cancer and during the time of cancer treatment. This absence suggests to me that further research is needed in this area.
cancer, couple therapy, couples counseling, attachment