A Proposal: A Study of the Lived Experience in the Aftermath of an Extradyadic Relationship

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Robinson, Kinga
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The focus of this proposal is to gain insight into the lived experience of a participating partner in the aftermath of an extradyadic relationship. More specifically, it is about understanding the grief experience of the participating partner with regard to the loss of the extradyadic relationship and partner while being in the primary relationship with the primary partner. As the internal lived experience of the participating partner is seldom explored from this perspective in the academic literature, I suggest that a qualitative research approach focused on a descriptive phenomenological method is fitting to gain a detailed personal account of this experience. The hope is that this research will expand upon the current understanding of the participating partner's experience in the aftermath of the loss of an extradyadic relationship and will assist clinicians, and other professional supports, to work more effectively with individuals who have been touched by an infidelity experience.
extradyadic relationships , descriptive phenomenological method , infidelity , primary relationship partner , participating relationship partner