The Power of Face-to-Face and Communal Acts

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Shoker, Esha
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The purpose of this thesis is to explore the topic of social integration through face-to-face interaction within the scope of communal acts. Social integration is an integral part of being human. Humans are a social species, therefore, they learn more about themselves and Others by partaking in social gatherings in the community. People have a higher chance of living healthier lives with less health implications if they are socially integrated. This thesis presents a discussion of face-to-face and communal acts and substantial evidence as to why we need more face-to-face with others in the community. Studies and research supporting this claim are presented. Implications of the current research are considered, including the limited research which reveal that social integration is linked to better health. Recommendations highlight the need for clinicians to be adept at working with this population and to do so with a therapeutic stance that reflects the developmental needs of individuals struggling to socialize.
social integration , face-to-face , society , community , others , health
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