Workplace Culture and People with Disabilities: An Autoethnographic Study

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Oshidari, Anahita
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The objective of this thesis was to explore the experience of workplace culture from the perspective of a person with a disability. This study was conducted using an auto-ethnographic approach, in order to reflect a more in-depth view unavailable in present research. The focus was on the obstacles faced by a person with a disability when seeking employment, applying for employment advancement and dealing with colleagues and employers in the workplace. The result showed that there needs to be an increase in the congruency of work interest, personality and work environment in order to increase job retention. Furthermore, it was found that there are many unaddressed assumptions and considerable miscommunication in the work environment on the part of colleagues and employers. The results suggest that people with disabilities need to be involved in educating fellow employees and getting them to feel at ease within the workplace. In order to reach such comfort levels, future implications of this study may include providing people with disabilities with vocational programs on coping skills and how to educate others in the workplace.
workplace culture , workers with disabilities , autoethnography