Bearing the Brunt: The Canadian Medical System, COVID-19, the Impacts on the Chronically Ill Community, and What We Can Do as Therapists

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Martin, Serena
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Using literature, research, and lived experiences, this capstone works to highlight the current state of the Canadian medical care system, how the system has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and how the chronically ill community has been impacted by these challenges. Both the intersections where the chronically ill community are further distressed and the places where the community’s resilience is evident are explored. This capstone shines a light on the ongoing issues with our Canadian health care system and gives voice to the burgeoning issues of chronic illness and mental health care due to the damage done by the COVID-19 pandemic. Indeed, one of the gaps this capstone aims to start to fill is the impacts of COVID-19 upon the mental health field and the chronically ill population. The second gap is the lack of awareness in the medical and mental health field. Beyond filling these gaps, this paper works to offer hope of how mental health therapists can be better educated and equipped to go into the field and advocate for better education and care for those with a chronic illness.
chronic illness , COVID-19 , long COVID , resilience
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