Primary Literacy Instruction: A Design for Increasing Pre-Reading Skills

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Strub, Anna
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Student practice and exposure to foundational literacy skills as building blocks to their later reading fluency and comprehension is an important aspect of fostering student success in literacy. Many studies explored within this work will attest to the importance of student engagement with these foundational skills in the primary grades. While many of these foundational skills are practiced, such as letter-sound and letter-symbol recognition, other foundational skills, such as blending and segmenting, are not prioritized as much, leading to some struggling readers continuing to fall behind. This work explores some viable solutions to introduce key phonological skills within the bounds of the prescribed curriculum to maximize classroom time management, student exposure and practice with these skills, and ultimately to meet the needs of struggling readers to improve their chances of reaching grade-level literacy expectations.
phonemic awareness , phonological awareness , phonemic skills , phonological skills , pre-reading skills , blending , segmenting
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