The Exploration of Migratory Grief, Social Factors and Resolutions

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Kang, Huamei
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This thesis explores the losses and grief associated with migration. My research questions revolve around three themes: migratory grief, its functions and expressions, its influencing factors, and its resolutions. I have applied autoethnography as method of inquiry, which includes reflecting on my own experiences and comparing it with the literature. In my narrative, I will share my experience as an immigrant from China in Canada and reflect on my experience with the invisible yet powerful pain of migration. The existing research and studies will guide me and the reader to understand this underrepresented experience that is shared by many immigrants. This single case study has the potential to enrich and expand current studies as well as evoke emotional reactions in readers. Through this study, I hope to increase the public's understanding of migratory grief and promoting connections in today's world where migration is a global trend. This thesis also has relevance to the counselling field, as migration grief is closely related to immigrants' well-being and I will discuss its therapeutic implications for counsellors.
grief and loss , identity , immigrants , migratory grief , autoethnography , counseling of immigrants
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