Honour-Based Abuse in Canada, and the Role of Counsellors

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Sidhu, Kaamil
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Through this paper I wish to enhance the readers' understanding regarding the lived experiences of those individuals who are/ have been impacted by Honour-Based Abuse (HBA), and how as a future practitioner I can use this knowledge to identify underlying factors contributing to Honour-Based Violence (HBV) in Canada. This paper brings in the perspectives of adolescent males and females from immigrant backgrounds who come to recognize their rights and liberties in Canada, leading them to reject their parents' traditional customs and expectations. As these young individuals start to challenge the rigid traditional roles imposed on them by elder family members, they aspire to emulate and adopt the lifestyles of their Canadian counterparts, altering their attire, dating practices, curfew, and sometimes engaging in risky behaviors, which can spark conflicts within the family dynamic (Blum et al., 2016) which then can lead to HBA. Additionally, this paper will help me, and other counsellors become aware of the strengths and shortcomings of current social services and the obstacles survivors face in accessing these services. The paper will conclude with suggestions for counsellors to recognize such abuse and offer necessary interventions to prevent it from occurring and/ or to support clients in these circumstances
honour , shame , honour-based abuse , honour-based violence , honour killings , Canada