Screen-time: a Meta-analysis of Possible Impacts on our Children's Psychosocial Development

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Boyne, Terra
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Objectives – To examine and determine whether excessive screen time inhibits psychosocial development and if there is a link between excessive screen time and child and adolescent mental health issues, for the purpose of creating a fact sheet for parents and caregivers. Methods – A meta-analysis of five studies related to the research question. The factors that were examined in the analysis were results of the studies, limitations, and the future research considerations. Results – What was discovered is that there are greater impacts from excessive screen time on psychosocial development in early childhood and in adolescents, than that of middle childhood. With that said, there was no direct causal relationship between excessive screen time and delays in psychosocial development. Conclusion – The results of this study were used to develop a fact sheet that looks at the potential links and impacts, which are both positive and negative, that excessive screen time has on psychosocial development in children. In order to assist parents and caregivers in the creation of a screen time environment that can foster development rather than inhibit it.
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