Culture & Way of Being - Unification of Three Cultures: Individualist, Collectivist, & First Peoples

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Aujla, Inderjit
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This is a study about culture, about three different cultures, in fact. It is about how these cultures mix together, sometimes are at odds with each other, and how they come together in the context of my work as a counsellor. Although each person is a unique individual, the culture he or she grows up in and is exposed to throughout life shapes the person's frame of reference, as well as his or her relationships in every aspect of life. Needless to say, as the centuries go by, the cultures in every part of the world evolve and change. This study is also about families, for these global changes impact family structures and the relationships within family structures. I explore family structures and functions in three different cultural contests: collectivist (India), individualist (modern Canadian), and the first peoples. Using a literature review methodology I explore how the values for relationships are at play within each culture. The significance of medicine wheel, collaborative therapeutic approaches, and the influence of the familial teachings are discussed as pertaining to culture and family. These approaches provide a foundation for a unique collaborative style of therapeutic interventions, with a focus on relationships, that I have learned to value in my practice.
culture and counseling, indo-Canadian culture, collaborative therapy, First Nations cultures, culture and family
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